Patio Doors Kissimmee FL – What Types of Patio Doors Are Right For You?

Patio doors Kissimmee FL

Patio doors bring benefits to homes, from enhancing beauty to saving on utilities. However, cost is a factor when shopping for the right ones.

The key to a cost-effective new patio door is selecting a trader that’s accredited by a Competent Person Scheme like FENSA or CERTASS. This ensures you get a properly installed product with enhanced energy efficiency for year-round savings.

Accordion Doors

When you want to bring in more light and create a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, accordion doors are the way to go. They work in any building, residential or commercial, and they save space by opening from the side or center. Unlike sliding glass doors, which only allow in some light, accordion doors let in much more and can help open up any room in a building. They also look great in hotels, real estate agencies, and theaters in Central Florida. They are easy to operate and come with a top lock to help resist energy loss. They are hurricane rated and meet Florida Product Approval and Miami-Dade HVHZ zones. Choose from a variety of accordion door designs, colors, and materials.

Accordion closet doors from Euro-Wall provide beautiful transitions and unobstructed views in any setting.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors are a great option for homeowners that love to enjoy the outdoors. They allow easy access to the yard, making it possible to keep an eye on pets or children while staying inside the house. Additionally, they help to save energy costs by letting in natural light and providing easy access to fresh air.

Sliding patio doors by Euro-Wall Systems are Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code approved. They feature a tough shield against energy loss and are expertly crafted for an upscale look. They also provide a wide range of customizable options to suit any home design and decor. Get matched with top-rated Kissimmee door pros near you.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors offer a more seamless transition between your interior and exterior spaces. They also provide unobstructed views and allow you to enjoy more natural light. They can be customized to open partially or completely, and they are also available with a single opening door for easy accessibility.

These doors have a lower profile than sliding and French patio doors, which allows them to offer larger glazed units and more unobstructed views. They can be combined with thermal glass for increased energy efficiency and durability.

These doors make an excellent choice for new home extensions, as they are an effective way to blur the line between your indoor and outdoor living areas. They also add a stylish appearance to your property and complement a wide range of architectural styles.

French Doors

French doors are popular for allowing a large amount of natural light into a room and for opening out to screened porches, sundecks, and other outdoor patios. They feature multiple lites (panes) of glass cut to fit the length of the door. Some have a decorative grill embedded between the panes of glass or superimposed on top. Other styles feature locally-milled cypress wood for a more rustic look. Search for local patio and french doors pros near you.


Sidelites add natural light, functionality and atmosphere to a patio door installation. They also frame your entryway beautifully and make for a welcoming entrance. The type of sidelight you choose should be proportionate to the size of your front door and work with the architectural style of your home. If you’re looking for something more decorative, there are etched glass options that achieve privacy while making a statement. Marvin Replacement offers a wide selection of sidelite configurations in complementing and matching door styles for design continuity. Sidelites are available in impact or non-impact glass inserts, depending on your needs and county standards.

*Sidelites and lite windows are insulated units that contribute to energy efficiency*. Insulated glass is available in low emissivity coatings. Ask your local window dealer for more information.