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Impact Doors

Impact doors, often referred to as storm doors, are specialized door systems crafted to withstand high wind pressures and the impact of flying debris. Constructed using a combination of heavy-duty frames and laminated glass, these doors act as a shield against severe weather events. Unlike regular doors, the design and build of impact doors prioritize both safety and aesthetics. When storms or hurricanes hit, these doors stand firm, protecting homes and commercial establishments from potential damages.

Where to Install Impact Doors?

Whether you're a homeowner seeking to fortify your residence or an establishment owner aiming to shield your business, impact doors are suitable for front entrances, back exits, patios, or any place where protection from the elements is paramount. Given Kissimmee's susceptibility to weather fluctuations, integrating impact doors throughout the property ensures comprehensive protection against potential climatic threats.


Frame Materials You Consider When Choosing for Impact Doors in Kissimmee, Florida

Aluminum Impact Door Frames

Aluminum is among the most popular choices for its strength and lightweight nature. Aluminum frames are corrosion-resistant and ideal for coastal areas. They can be painted or anodized for additional protection and aesthetics.

Steel Impact Door Frames

Known for their immense strength and durability, steel frames provide an excellent level of protection against extreme weather conditions. They are heavier than aluminum frames and are used in commercial settings.

Vinyl Impact Door Frames

These frames are known for their insulating properties. Vinyl frames are resistant to rotting, rusting, and corrosion. They have a multi-chambered design that enhances their strength and insulation.

Wood Impact Door Frames

While not as common for impact doors due to maintenance requirements, wood frames can still be used if treated and reinforced properly. They offer a natural, classic aesthetic that many homeowners appreciate.

Composite Impact Door Frames

These frames are made from materials, wood, and PVC resins. They combine the strength of wood with the low maintenance benefits of vinyl. Composite frames resist rotting and corrosion and offer good insulation.

Fiberglass Impact Door Frames

Fiberglass frames are robust and durable. They can mimic the appearance of wood but come with the advantage of being low maintenance. Fiberglass frames are also great insulators and can resist warping or rotting.

Different Types of Impact Door Styles

Our impact doors are designed not just for safety but also to complement the aesthetic of homes and commercial establishments. They come in various styles to cater to different architectural and personal preferences. Here are some of the most common styles of impact doors:

Single Entry Impact Doors

These are standard doors that swing in or out. They can be plain or adorned with decorative elements like glass inserts or panels.

Double Entry Impact Doors

Often used for grand entrances, these consist of two doors that swing in or out. They can add a touch of elegance and spaciousness to an entrance.

Sliding Glass Impact Doors

Ideal for patios, balconies, or any space where you'd want a broader view outside. These doors slide horizontally and offer a contemporary look while providing ample natural light.

Roll-up Garage Impact Doors

Made for garages, these doors are often segmented and roll upwards into a coil. They can be reinforced to withstand high wind pressures.

French Impact Doors

These are double doors that typically swing outwards (or inwards) and have multiple small windows or panels, giving them a charming and classic appearance.

Bi-fold Impact Doors

Consisting of multiple panels that fold against each other, bi-fold doors are often used for patios or indoor/outdoor living spaces. They can open up an entire wall, seamlessly blending the indoors with the outside environment.

Dutch Impact Doors

These are divided horizontally in the middle, allowing the top and bottom parts to open independently. Dutch doors are both functional and stylish, often used for back or side entrances.

Pivot Impact Doors

These modern doors pivot on a hinge, often located off-center, creating a unique opening mechanism and appearance.

Cabana Impact Doors

Designed specifically for coastal and pool areas, these doors offer weather resistance while also being stylish. They are often a combination of glass and solid panels.

Decorative Glass Impact Doors

Impact doors can also come with decorative glass inserts – be they frosted, tinted, or patterned. These can be tailored to match the homeowner's specific design preferences.

Louvered Impact Doors

These have horizontal slats, which can be both functional and decorative. While typically used for closets or utility spaces, when made as impact doors, they can be used for areas needing ventilation and protection.

Why Choose Impact Doors Installation for Door Replacement Project in Kissimmee?

Enhanced Protection from Severe Weather

Kissimmee, FL, is no stranger to unpredictable weather events. Investing in impact doors ensures that your home or business is prepared for these unforeseen circumstances. The robust construction of impact doors provides a barrier against high-speed winds and airborne debris, which are common during storms or hurricanes.

Increased Property Value

Incorporating impact doors into your property not only elevates its safety profile but also boosts its market value. Prospective homeowners or business operators in Kissimmee often look for establishments that offer enhanced protection. As a result, a property fitted with impact doors becomes an attractive investment.

Energy Efficiency and Noise Reduction

Beyond their protective attributes, impact doors are designed with insulated glass that aids in reducing the amount of heat entering or leaving the building. This energy efficiency leads to potential savings on heating and cooling bills. Additionally, the dense construction of impact doors assists in dampening outside noise, creating a more tranquil indoor environment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Impact Doors

Yes, impact doors are typically more energy-efficient than standard doors. Many impact doors come with insulated glass or other materials that reduce heat transfer, keeping homes cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This insulation can lead to potential savings on heating and cooling bills. Furthermore, the tight seal of impact doors helps prevent drafts, enhancing their energy efficiency.

Installing impact doors not only enhances the safety profile of a property but can also boost its market value. Many potential buyers, especially in areas susceptible to severe weather events, value the added protection and peace of mind that impact doors provide. Additionally, the energy efficiency and noise reduction attributes of impact doors can also appeal to prospective buyers.

Yes, the reinforced construction of impact doors makes them more resistant to break-ins than traditional doors. The laminated glass and robust frames used in impact doors are more challenging to shatter or force open, offering an added layer of security against potential intrusions. While they are primarily designed for weather protection, their sturdy build naturally provides enhanced security.

Impact doors, often referred to as hurricane or storm doors, are specially designed and constructed doors made to withstand severe weather conditions, especially the high wind pressures and flying debris encountered during hurricanes and storms. Unlike regular doors, impact doors are made using a combination of robust frames (such as aluminum, steel, or vinyl) and laminated glass or other impact-resistant materials. The primary distinction is their reinforced structure and the ability to provide an added layer of safety, especially in regions prone to severe weather events.

With proper care and maintenance, impact doors can last for several decades. The exact lifespan can vary based on the materials used and the environmental conditions they’re exposed to. As for maintenance, it’s generally minimal. Regularly cleaning the glass and checking the door’s seals and hardware will ensure its longevity. For doors in coastal areas, it’s a good practice to clean them more frequently to remove any salt or corrosive residues. Always refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines or consult with a door specialist for specific care instructions.

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