Casement Windows

Casement windows Kissimmee FL

Windows are important to the overall look and function of a home. They should be designed to provide ventilation and light while ensuring privacy and security.

Choose a window that is energy efficient to reduce your utility bills. The U-factor is an indication of how well the window insulates.


Unlike double-hung windows that only open in half, casement window’s hinged on the side and opened by a crank to allow for maximum ventilation. This allows fresh air to circulate throughout your home quickly. This makes them ideal for hard-to-reach spaces such as over kitchen sinks or in narrow corners.

These windows also provide superior energy efficiency. Their tightly sealed sash prevents drafts from entering your home, which helps lower your energy costs year-round.

Whether you’re building a new home or replacing windows that are past their prime, local window installation professionals can help you choose the best vinyl replacement windows for your Kissimmee FL home. These professionals will consider the style and needs of your home when recommending the perfect windows for you. They can offer advice on frame colors, hardware options and grid patterns to match your unique style preferences. They can even create custom window styles such as bay, bow and picture windows.


Unlike double-hung windows and sliding windows, casement windows open outward like doors. This allows for maximum ventilation and unobstructed views. They can also be used in hard-to-reach places, such as over sinks. Due to the way they crank open, however, casement windows cannot be installed with screens or storm windows.

When a homeowner invests in new replacement windows for their home, they want to be sure that their investment is protected. They should feel safe to raise a family and entertain friends at their home without worrying about bad weather, bugs or intruders.

That’s why casement windows are a popular choice for homeowners in the Kissimmee area. They feature a sleek design that enhances any home’s aesthetic while providing superior ventilation and energy efficiency. They also offer an expansive glass area with a clutter-free look that can elevate any view. Additionally, they can be opened wide with the simple crank of a handle and come equipped with locking points at multiple locations.


As the earliest form of movable window, casement windows open wide to maximize ventilation and provide a clean view. Framed in wood or aluminum, they fit seamlessly into contemporary and traditional architectural styles. Custom grille patterns and trim options add a distinctive aesthetic that complements any home.

Because of their hinge on the side, casement windows fit into hard-to-reach spaces, such as over kitchen sinks and countertops. They are also easy to clean thanks to a simple lever that opens the sash. They lock at multiple points to create a tight seal, making them more energy efficient than single-hung and double-hung windows that allow air to sneak in around the perimeter of the operable sash.

They also offer unobstructed views because there are no muntons, the bars that separate the windows panes found on single and double hung windows. And because they can open fully, casement windows provide excellent ventilation that is difficult to replicate with other window types.

Energy Efficiency

Using a simple crank handle, casement windows can be opened outward, providing excellent ventilation in rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens where space is tight. They can also be used to create a window in an area where wall space is limited, such as over a sink.

These windows are very weather-tight and are an excellent choice for lowering your energy bills. You can choose a double or triple-pane model, which will boost their insulating abilities. It is also possible to purchase ENERGY STAR certified windows from many manufacturers, including Renewal by Andersen.

Some window contractors provide insert replacements that preserve the existing frame, reducing installation and material costs. Other companies offer full-frame replacements, requiring removal of the old sash, frames and covers. These options are more expensive and will require more extensive installation, but they may also be more durable. Window materials and sizes will also affect cost. Fiberglass is typically the most economical, followed by vinyl and aluminum.