Sliding Glass Doors Kissimmee FL

Sliding glass doors allow for scenic views and natural light to infuse interiors with a more connected feel. They also help increase your home’s resale value and reduce maintenance costs.

If your sliding doors or their tracks aren’t working properly, contact a professional for repairs and lubrication services. These experts clean and fix the problem so your doors slide smoothly again.

90-Degree Sliding Doors

Corner sliding doors are an attractive, space-saving alternative to traditional hinged door systems. They work with the same functionality as other sliding glass doors, but use a unique configuration that allows two panels to open and close at an angle of 90 degrees from each other without compromising their rigidity.

Architects and designers around the nation are using this eye-catching technology to connect interior spaces with stunning vistas of natural environments. Designed to open an entire room to unobstructed views, these wide-panel systems feature slim interlocks and multiple sill height options.

These doors can also be combined with a series of bifold or accordion doors to create larger living areas with breathtaking views. For example, this luxury home in Sarasota, FL, features a set of 90-degree sliding doors that lead out to a massive extended lanai with brick pavers. This transitions indoor and outdoor living spaces seamlessly, giving homeowners the ability to entertain guests while relaxing in a beautiful setting.

Vertical Blinds

Sliding glass doors open up a window of opportunity to outfit your patio or deck with beautiful, functional window treatments. With many styles, colors and materials to choose from, there’s a solution for every taste.

Traditional vertical blinds work well with sliding doors, providing premium light control and privacy. They’re available in a variety of fabrics and finishes, including faux wood for a classic look. You can even add a valance for a finished appearance.

For a more sophisticated look, consider a woven wood shade. They’re crafted with bamboo, reeds and grasses, jute, and yarns for a one-of-a-kind look. They’re also insulating, keeping the space at a comfortable temperature. They’re a good choice for beach homes where you want to let in sea breezes while blocking out sun.

Impact-Resistant Glass

As a resident of Florida, you know that your state is never far from the ocean and thus in the path of severe weather. For this reason, your home must be fortified with impact-resistant windows and doors to keep you safe from the elements.

While regular glass will shatter in the face of powerful winds, impact-resistant glass has a plastic interlayer that holds together even after large forces strike the window or door. As a result, it can prevent both structural damage and human injury.

Furthermore, burglars find it much more difficult to break into homes with impact-resistant glass. In fact, you can often qualify for a lower insurance premium by choosing this type of glass for your home or business. Additionally, impact-resistant glass is available in a range of styles to match your décor. It also goes hand in hand with durable frames that can withstand the force of flying debris during a storm.

Bifold Shutters

If you want to protect your sliding glass doors Kissimmee FL from severe storms, you can choose from a range of shutter options. The most reliable are bifold shutters, which have the advantage of being able to fit over the door itself as well as surrounding windows and doors.

Typically made from aluminum, they are available in different sizes and finishes to match the look of your home or business. They are a stylish option that offers serious protection from high winds and flying debris during a storm.

They are also ideal for insulating your home and cutting energy costs. They have the added benefit of blocking UV rays, which will also reduce heat gain during the summer. Our Normandy natural wood bi-fold plantation shutters feature a prescription wood conditioning process to minimize shrinking and swelling, ensuring they perform their best for years to come. For more information about these shutters, contact us today! We’re happy to discuss your project and offer advice.