Door Styles That Elevate Your Home

Whether your home is traditional or contemporary, an updated door can elevate your entryway. The right style not only accentuates your home’s aesthetic, but also meets building codes and provides durability.

Fiberglass doors mimic the look of wood without the maintenance hassles, ensuring durability and versatility. They are also resistant to swelling and rot, making them a great choice for Kissimmee FL homeowners prioritizing longevity and strength.

Steel Entry Doors

Entry doors play a crucial role in a home, serving as the primary access point while providing security and setting the tone for the property’s design. They are typically made with sturdier materials than interior doors to withstand weather conditions and ensure long-lasting beauty.

Whether you want to welcome more light or make a modern statement, our collection of steel entry doors offers the best in style and functionality. Available in an array of colors and glass options, they provide a sleek look and unmatched durability.

Double entry doors are ideal for larger homes or those seeking a sophisticated appearance. French doors feature glass panels for a lighter feel and are popular in Kissimmee, FL, homes that aim for a more upscale aesthetic. Battened and ledged doors are traditional, featuring vertical wooden battens held by horizontal ledges for an authentic touch of heritage. Modern farmhouse doors incorporate rustic elements for a balanced design that appeals to trend-conscious homeowners in Kissimmee, FL.

Wooden Entry Doors

There’s a lot that goes into choosing the right exterior doors for your home. You want them to be both beautiful and functional. You also need them to match the rest of your home’s design and aesthetic. Fortunately, Window World offers a wide variety of high-performing wood, fiberglass, and steel entry door designs that will work well with your home’s style.

Wooden doors provide a timeless aesthetic and natural insulation, making them a popular choice for Kissimmee FL homeowners who value beauty and longevity. Steel doors are highly durable and resistant to rust, so they’re perfect for homes that prioritize security. Glass entry doors let ample light into rooms and are a great choice for homeowners looking to make a modern statement. And composite doors blend different materials for strength and a diverse look. Barn doors feature vertical wooden battens held by horizontal ledges for a rustic look that’s ideal for homes with country or cottage styles.

Glass Entry Doors

With reinforced glass and a sleek design, glass entry doors offer a contemporary style for homes in Kissimmee FL that prioritize light and visibility. They’re also energy efficient and easy to maintain, adding value to your property.

Double doors create a grand entrance, offering extra space and a sophisticated look. French doors, which feature a series of glass panels, are a favorite for homes in Kissimmee FL that seek a cosmopolitan feel. Battened and ledged doors are traditional, featuring vertical wooden battens held by horizontal ledges. These doors are a popular option for Kissimmee, FL residents seeking a blend of heritage and durability.

Sliding doors slide horizontally, saving space and allowing for a smooth transition between indoors and outdoors. Bi-fold doors fold in pairs, perfect for larger entrances that require full access and a modern aesthetic. Fiberglass doors are durable and withstand varying climates. They’re also scratch-resistant and more cost-effective than steel doors. They’re often painted with a matte finish to minimize maintenance needs.

Aluminum Entry Doors

Aluminum entry doors are a popular choice for Kissimmee homeowners seeking strength and durability in their replacement door(s). Their corrosion-resistant materials are thermally stable, meaning they resist the swells and shrinks of the local climate. This stability is especially important because it prevents the metal and wood from warping or rotting.

Sliding doors are modern and save space, sliding horizontally on visible tracks. They provide a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors, ideal for homes in Kissimmee with limited outdoor space. French doors feature glass panels and wooden frames, offering a sophisticated aesthetic. They’re a favorite among Kissimmee homeowners with an eye for design. Battened and ledged doors are traditional, made of vertical wooden battens held by horizontal ledges for a rustic look.

Impact doors meet and exceed Miami-Dade County and Florida’s high-velocity hurricane zone requirements. They are reinforced to withstand repeated smashing, banging, and forcing, preventing intruders from breaking through or shattering the glass.