Window Styles for Your Kissimmee FL Home

When you’re redoing your windows, there are many options available to you. Some are more functional than others.

uPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) windows are durable, energy-efficient and low maintenance. They can be customised with various finishes to suit your home and budget. They can also be enhanced with gas fills for added insulating benefits.


Aside from increasing your home’s space, casement windows can make your rooms brighter and comfortable. Unlike other window styles, they open fully, allowing you to harness the full force of the breeze and improve air circulation.

Designed with side hinges, these windows open like doors using a crank and can be installed anywhere in your home. They also create wide views, ideal for scenic locations. They are highly energy efficient and can help you save on your utility costs.

Bay and Bow

Bay and bow windows extend outward from your home, creating a three-dimensional effect that’s both eye-catching and beautiful. They funnel in abundant natural light and panoramic views, transforming living rooms into cozy spaces for relaxing and entertaining.

These windows come in a variety of styles, including 3- to 5-lite options with double hung or casement windows that open for ventilation. They can even include window seats for additional seating or storage space. Some models feature no grid for a clean, unobstructed view.


If you are dealing with high energy bills and windows that don’t open or close properly, it may be time to invest in a new window style. Sliding windows (also known as gliding windows) offer an attractive and practical solution for a variety of space types.

Sliding windows optimize views and natural light, are easy to clean, and provide superior ventilation. They are especially great for low-ventilation areas because they open horizontally instead of vertically like traditional double-hung windows.


Awning windows are great for allowing fresh air to flow into homes. They have hinges on the top that allow them to open outward.

Aside from enhancing interior design, these windows provide other benefits such as energy efficiency and security. They are also available in many different aesthetic options and materials to suit homeowner preferences.

However, awning windows don’t offer an easy and safe emergency exit due to the way they open. So, it’s important to assess your home’s safety requirements and your willingness to perform maintenance.


Picture windows let in copious amounts of natural light, providing a more spacious look. They can frame an expansive view without panels or dividers, and they can be combined with other window types to provide unobstructed views and ventilation options.

Because they do not open or close, picture windows require less maintenance than other styles. They’re also energy-efficient, and double-pane glass options improve your home’s sound insulation. You can choose from a variety of frame colors, finishes and grid patterns for additional customization options.


Garden windows look like mini greenhouses, extending out from the home with shelves for plants or decorative displays. They provide a unique focal point and add interior dimension while bringing in plenty of light.

New replacement windows can improve the comfort of your home while reducing energy costs. Choose a local installer with experience serving Kissimmee homeowners to ensure quality installations. Use our window cost calculator to get an estimate for your project. Learn more about the benefits of choosing Energy Star certified windows.


The European-inspired tilt-turn windows have become a popular choice for luxury homes in North America. They offer a clean design and are versatile enough for any building style or use.

They can either tilt in from the top for ventilation or turn (swing in) like a door. This flexibility gives you a wide range of options for letting the Kissimmee FL air in.

They’re also safer for children since the opening is small enough to prevent them from climbing out.


If you want to bring ventilation and natural light to areas of your home that don’t allow for a larger window, hopper windows may be the best solution. These windows open from the bottom but are not easy to climb through, so they are less of a security risk than other window types that extend down and outward.

They work well in basements and powder rooms where you want both ventilation and light. These windows have hinges to prevent them from opening down and becoming a safety hazard for people walking under them.