Buying Windows in Kissimmee FL

Windows play an important role in your home. They allow sunlight and air in while providing security from harmful elements.

Before hiring a window installation company, discuss your goals for the project such as improved energy efficiency or new aesthetics. You should also ask about the overall costs of materials and labor.

Energy Efficiency

Studies show that 25% to 30% of home energy use is due to heat gain or loss through windows. Energy-efficient window replacements not only lower utility bills but also enhance a home’s overall power efficiency.

Window companies that specialize in ENERGY STAR products are more likely to offer energy-saving options. These windows feature Low-E coatings and glass tints that deflect solar heat and regulate temperature. They also have argon gas insulation, which helps reduce air leakage and increase comfortability.

Choosing the right frame material will also affect your window’s energy performance. A reputable window company should provide a wide range of frame materials to suit the Orlando climate and your style preferences.


Home windows can bring a whole lot of beauty to your home. They not only offer fascinating views, but they can also protect your home from harmful elements and intruders. Whether they’re new or replacement windows, they can help you save money in the long run because they are low-maintenance. They also come in a variety of styles to match your interior design and aesthetic preferences.

Choosing the right windows for your custom Florida home requires taking several factors into consideration, such as style, efficiency and wind/impact resistance. The type of frame used plays an important role in these factors. For example, aluminum clad frames are strong but can absorb and transmit heat. Fiberglass frames are more insulating and do not transfer heat, making them ideal for the Florida climate.

When shopping for new windows, make sure that you find a contractor with proper licensing and credentials. Check if they have insurance to protect you from liability in case something goes wrong during the window installation process. You should also ask them about the manufacturer they’re affiliated with. This is because some manufacturers may not offer the window types you’re looking for.


Your windows are an important part of your home’s design and help regulate temperature. If they’re damaged or outdated, it can be difficult to maintain comfortable temperatures in your home and can result in high energy costs.

Choosing durable materials will help you avoid costly maintenance and repairs over time. For example, vinyl windows won’t warp or rot and are very low-maintenance. They’re also more affordable than wood windows and are available in many colors and styles.

You can also consider aluminum-clad windows that have an exterior of aluminum and an interior of wood, which are durable and beautiful. They’re ideal for Florida’s tropical weather, as they can withstand hurricane-force winds and heavy rainfall. Additionally, impact windows flex with wind and air pressure changes during storms, which helps prevent shattered glass and keeps your home safe. Your insurance company may even offer a discount on your homeowner’s policy if you install impact-resistant windows.


Whenever you’re buying new replacement windows for your home, it’s vital to choose a contractor with a strong reputation. Ask for credentials and insurance to make sure that you’re protected in the event of a problem. You should also look for a company that offers a manufacturer affiliation if you have your heart set on a specific brand of window.

The best window warranties offer a warranty period that lasts for a certain number of years after the date of installation. These warranties should cover small defects and hardware malfunctions. Some warranties also include coverage for energy-efficient glass options. These windows contain inert gasses like argon or krypton between the glass panes, and they’re designed to last for many years. However, some of these gasses may deplete at a faster rate than expected.

A good warranty will provide you with peace of mind while you’re enjoying your new windows. Morgan Exteriors is proud to offer high-quality replacement windows from JELD-WEN, and we can help you choose the perfect fit for your home in Kissimmee FL.