Three Types of Window Installation

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Windows are an important part of your home. They add beauty and functionality to your house and protect it from intruders. They can also increase the value of your property. They are not to be taken for granted.

New windows reduce cooling costs by deflecting the sun’s heat and taking the load off your air conditioner. They also help prevent fading of furnishings and carpets by filtering out damaging UV rays.

Energy-efficient windows

Energy-efficient windows are designed to provide high insulation, which reduces the amount of electricity that is needed for heating and cooling your home. They also help to block out external noises, so you can enjoy the peace and quiet of your home. In addition, they can increase the value of your home and lower your utility bills.

The most effective way to make your windows more energy efficient is to choose a double-pane or triple-pane window. These windows have multiple panes of glass and may contain argon or krypton gas between the windows to add a layer of insulation. They can also have a special coating that reflects heat away from your house in the summer and absorbs warmth in the winter.

When selecting a new window, look for one with a low U-factor and solar heat gain coefficient. These ratings are based on the climate and geography of your area, so a window that is energy efficient in the Southwest may not be as effective in the Northeast.

Low-e coated glass

Low-E windows feature a microscopically thin, transparent coating that allows natural light to enter your home while minimizing heat and harmful UV rays. The “e” in Low-E stands for emissivity, which describes the ability of materials to radiate energy. Low-E glass reduces the amount of radiant energy that passes through window openings and significantly reduces heating and cooling costs throughout the year.

They reflect the sun’s rays and prevent heat from entering your home during the summer, which makes your air conditioner work less to cool your house. They also prevent heat loss during the winter, which helps your heater to keep your home warm. As an added bonus, they even reduce condensation — that pesky problem associated with warm air touching cold window glass. And who doesn’t want that?

Impact resistant windows

Often referred to as hurricane windows, impact resistant windows are designed with double or triple pane insulated glass and high-strength frames to withstand strong winds and extreme rain. They also prevent water infiltration and help reduce energy costs all year round. In addition, they offer acoustic insulation to block out noise from outside.

These windows protect your home from debris, dirt, and other extreme conditions that can come with severe storms. The laminate layer within the window keeps shattered glass together, which can save your home from damage. They also make it easier to stay safe during a storm because you won’t have to worry about boarding up your windows.

In Florida, the state’s building codes require that all glazed openings must either be impact-resistant or use impact coverings like shutters. Certain areas, such as South Florida’s High-Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ), may even have more stringent requirements. They may require products that are tested to Miami-Dade protocols or ASTM wind and impact test standards.

Custom windows

If you want to change your home’s look or make a functional change, custom windows are the way to go. However, they can be expensive and are best installed by a professional window replacement contractor. They also tend to be made of better materials than store-bought windows and have a longer lifespan.

Unlike standard windows, custom windows are manufactured to fit your existing frame with precision. This allows them to insulate your home correctly, reducing energy costs and lowering your utility bills. They also come with a wide variety of options and features, such as glass packages and decorative elements.

You should always check prices between different manufacturers. A size, option, or shape that is non-standard at one company may be standard at another. You should also choose a company that offers a double lifetime warranty for their products. This will give you peace of mind that your investment is protected. The warranty should also cover labor, parts, and replacements.